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Water Hygiene & Safety in Healthcare 


In healthcare premises (i.e. those governed by the Care Quality Commission - both private and NHS)​, additional requirements are in place for the holistic management of water safety which includes infections from waterborne pathogens such as legionella and pseudomonas aeruginosa. and physical injury from scalding by hot water. The Department of Health's Health Technical Memoranda (HTMs) and Healthy Building Notes (HBNs) provide specific guidance for healthcare buildings with HTM 04-01 being the primary document. Water Safety Plans, governed by Water Safety Groups must be in place in such organisations to oversee risk management strategy and action.

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Water Safety Groups and Healthcare Estates departments are required to engage external independent support from an Authorising Engineer (AEW) to support the organisation with auditing and operational advice and support.


Peninsula Water Hygiene Ltd provides AEW services to a number of private and NHS organisations, as well as assisting the development of Water Safety Plans and providing training to a wide range of healthcare staff.

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