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Occasionally we are presented with innovative ways of managing water hygiene risks, some are good, some not so good. As an independent consultant I am always on the lookout for fresh thinking and new products that may support our aim in many ways including reducing costs​. 

In recent times we have helped many businesses understand how to adopt new ideas to improve levels of compliance, reduced environmental footprints and better management of risks, including:

  • Carrying out risk assessment reviews in-house

  • Self delivery of legionella control tasks

  • Correct and safe selection of disinfection techniques

  • Cost effective risk management

  • Use of modern technology, such as:

    • Wireless remote temperature monitoring​

    • Silver-copper ionisation

    • Shower head replacement schemes

    • Anti-legionella valves

    • On-line log-books

Contact us to discuss how you could adopt innovation in your quest for compliance...

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